Pittsburgh's only in-home injection administration and medication teaching for fertility patients

Here at 412 Fertility Services, we understand the stress that fertility treatment brings. Mentally and emotionally preparing yourself or your loved one to give an injection can be very nerve-wracking. Our goal is to provide you with as much support, guidance, and reassurance as possible throughout this journey. Although we are not here to replace your physician’s knowledge and expertise, we do hope to deliver a personalized and comforting approach to the care that you deserve.

our mission

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Fertility injections

Whether it is for your first injection ever or every injection throughout your cycle, our expert team is here to administer them for you. 

in-person medication training

This in-person experience will allow you and your support person(s) to have hands-on practice with reconstituting, preparing, and injecting medications. 

virtual injection support

We are here to provide support and encouragement to those who may not need us for administration purposes but who need a little guidance during the injection process.


Over the last couple years, I have worked in the surgery center of a fertility practice, assisting with egg retrievals, transfers, and a range of various fertility procedures. I have lived through the ups and downs of infertility right alongside my patients – crying with couples after hearing how many eggs were retrieved, holding hands of those going through hysteroscopies, crossing fingers for positive betas. I have also spent the last few years sitting in the “same” waiting rooms, phlebotomy chairs, and ultrasound rooms as you. I have anxiously waited for bloodwork results, dreaded the "when are you having kids?" question from family and friends, and cried over too many negative tests to count. This has not been an easy ride for my husband and I – as I am sure that it has not been easy for you. My dream is to provide you with the care, compassion, and support that is necessary throughout this emotional rollercoaster of an experience. 

Megan Kukic, BSN, RN

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